S Programming (2000)

William N. Venables, Brian D. Ripley

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Technical information

Publisher: Springer. Pages: 265. Book in English. 1ed, 2000.


Through reference on the S language (which incarnates today on the R and S-Plus statistical packages). Excellent basis for acquiring a sound understanding of the underpinnings of the language, including classes (old [S3] and new style [4]), using compiled code, strategies for dealing with large amounts of data, code optimization and differences between S-Plus and R.


1) Introduction
2) The S language: Syntax and semantics
3) The S language: Advanced aspects
4) Classes
5) New-style classes
6) Using compiled code
7) General strategies and extended examples
8) S software development
9) Interfaces under Windows
Appendix 1) Compiling and loading code
Appendix 2) The interactive environment
Appendix 3) BATCH operation




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